Basketio by DataGarner

Highly intelligent and user friendly in-store platform for supermarket stores.
Running at stores near you.

A few things we’re great at

Starting out in 2017, we have been constantly striving to solve user centric problems and grow businesses across the globe with tech.

Analytics and ML

Monitor your business in real-time or learn more about your products, customers, and their patterns to help make better decisions to scale your business.

Web & Mobile Apps

With a large client base across the globe, we have been developing custom development solutions for our clients optimized for a range of devices.

Basketio – Retail Tech

Transform your supermarket using Basketio on your shopping trolleys. Improve user shopping experience, digital ads, recommendation and checkout.

Tech Consulting

Have a business idea that needs tech? We have helped multiple startups build out their first initial MVP to gather traction for proof of concept.


“The role of digital is often just about making a transaction, for us its about influences.”

Founded in 2017, DataGarner was formed to influence business decisions in the physical (non-digital) world. In the present scenario where all digital information is tracked, a lot of online business are gaining greater traction than brick and mortar businesses, which are slowly shutting down. With our  SaaS software solutions and insightful analytics, we provide on ground accurate details, delivering greater experiences to everyone.

We have constantly been working across multiple domains including Retail, Conferences, FinTech, Warehouse and HR, held strongly by a team of professionals from top universities and companies.


Brick and Mortar

Traditional retail stores are facing tough competition from online market. Supermarket chains usually work on maintaining similar prices and offerings when compared to their competitors. Experiences are what differentiate one retailer from the next.

Understanding the key elements of customer experience that drive loyalty can give a supermarket the edge, enabling them to build out better offerings.


Engaging and understanding every visitor

Exhibition Industry is filled with application solutions that help a user to know more about exhibitions. However exhibiting is only a small part of something bigger and more important. Sales. Getting someone to input their number and interest has never been easier, but creating potential sales is still difficult.

Current solutions are mostly dependant of making more information available to user, but aren’t a must have because it doesn’t add real value.

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