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“The role of digital is often just about making a transaction, its about influences.”

Founded in 2018, DataGarner influences business decisions in the physical (non-digital) world. In the present scenario where all digital information is tracked, a lot of online business are gaining greater traction than brick and mortar businesses, which are slowly shutting down. We look forward to bridge this gap with our solutions, to not just provide important information and insights, but also, greater experiences to everyone, something that digital world can’t.

Co-Founded by Naman Gupta, a University of Melbourne, Technology alumni and Chetan Agarwal, a Symbiosis International University, Business Management alumni. We are currently working with Retail and Exhibition Industries with tailor made solutions to suit their needs.

A few things we’re great at

Data Analytics

Arranging and visualizing data in a way, which can successfully help in making better business decisions, and show its relative impact to the customers.

Machine Learning

Understanding decisions made by customers and what prompts them to make those decisions, based on previously unknown factors.

Artificial Intelligence

Predict the next move of the consumer and help business realize potential sales over the next period, also let owner understand probable impact of each decision on their businesses.

Location Tracking

Precisely detect user movement and patterns within an environment and use this data anonymously within analytics without invasion on individual privacy.


The Brick and Mortar Retail Dilemma

Traditional retail stores are facing tough competition from online market. Supermarket chains usually work on maintaining similar prices and offerings when compared to their competitors. Experiences are what differentiate one retailer from the next. Understanding the key elements of customer experience that drive loyalty can give a supermarket the edge, enabling them to build out better offerings.


Online retailers offer a full flurry of information and suggestion at a click.


Longer wait times, delays, manpower estimation  have always hurt physical stores.


A completely independent A-Z user experience always drives more loyalty.


Understanding not just what customers buy, but also what they don’t.

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Move from Exhibiting to Selling

Exhibition Industry is filled with application solutions that help a user to know more about exhibitions. However exhibiting is only a small part of something bigger and more important. Sales. Getting someone to input their number and interest has never been easier, but creating potential sales is still difficult. Current solutions are mostly dependant of making more information available to user, but aren’t a must have because it doesn’t add real value. The current solutions include:

Exhibition Guide

Solutions include informative content like exhibitor and speaker list and contacts.


QR codes based scanning to track number of people who have come to attend.


Scheduling for events, speakers and getting reminders for the same.

Contacts to Exhibitors

Sharing all registered contacts on apps, which can lead to a huge spam problem.

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