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Business Solutions using Big Data

Data is the new oil. With the explosion of data in the 21st century, we see it being used as a decision making tool to improve business processes across industries. Here are a few analytical solutions being that used in various industries: 1) Logistics and Transportation Industry i. Warehouse management – Identifying the best packaging…
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Understanding A/B Testing

  Understanding A/B testing A/B testing (also known as bucket tests or split-run testing) is a randomized experiment with two variants, A and B. It includes application of statistical hypothesis testing or  “two sample hypothesis” as used in the field of statistics. A/B testing is a way to compare two versions of a single variable, typically by testing a subject’s response…
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Getting started with blockchain

What is BlockChain? Continuously growing list called blocks which are linked with other blocks using cryptographic algorithms is Blockchain.    Here is a simple block which is containing some data, this data could be anything depend on context of your block chain.  Hash is like a fingerprint of the blocks, which is unique and used to connect blocks.    Genesis block is the first block which has Previous hash as ‘000000’. you…
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