Basketio – Retail

A personalized retail shopping assistant improving the way customers shop in supermarkets. Using Machine learning and Big Data, we have developed an artificial assistance in the store that walks around with you as you shop.

Visitor’s recommendation in Museum

Walking in a large museum is no more going to be boring. Integrate with our technology and make visitors check their interest within the museum. Location track their interests and provide them with relevant suggestions. Also, use the audio of your masterpiece as a guide for visitors.

Automatic book-keeping system

We have developed an easier way to maintain your books of accounts. Just click and upload your bills, our Machine learning application will do the entries into your respective accounts using NLP and Image processing.

Warehouse/Inventory Management

Improve your warehouse operations by using our ML based sorting application. Reduce cost and improve efficiency of the staff along with real time tracking of inventory.

Logistics Management

Are you a delivery/courier company tired of customer complains about delays in delivery and mismanagement of inventory? Reach out to us for the fastest, safest and the most customer friendly tracking application. We optimize your routes and sorting of packages using machine learning in order to reach on time and with 100% accuracy.

Medical Research Project

We are currently doing R&D to detect early stage diseases using historical data and advanced scientific research. This helps medical institutes in treating patients in a much earlier stages with higher success rate.

Financial Services

With use of AI, we can accurately predict, who will pay you back your loans and who is going to default. Solve the NPA problems for your financial institution using Big Data. Know whom to provide with Credit cards and home loans and at what interest rate in order to maximize your benefit and minimize your losses.

Emergency Services

We are currently working on an analytics model that can quickly identify within seconds and call for emergency state services like Ambulance and Fire fighters leading to on time response and potentially saving someone’s life.